Why Pursuit of Happinezz?

“I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference!” – Robert Frost

Everyone of us gets up early in the morning, gets ready to leave to office, struggles to travel to office in the hot scorching sun and very heavily crowded public transport if you are in Mumbai or you are stuck in traffic for long hours thinking how your day would pass today and everyday in office. We all want to break free from this daily jobs but we cant but we always aspire to break free from all these bonds someday by working hard today and saving every penny and contributing to our pension funds and retirement plans.

Little do we understand that we didnt take that one road which we wanted to travel, we didnt have the courage to speak up when we had to and take the plunge in search of that one path instead we choose to follow the path which a sharma ji ka Beta chose for us. That one path which we have taken has made all the difference for which we have to pay all our life!

I have had enough and the day has arrived when i decided to take control of my life. For all those who do not know me let me introduce myself briefly.

I am one more Engineer whom you will find on the road, who had pursued engineering not because i was interested but because all my friends were taking engineering. Then i worked very hard not for gaining knowledge but only for marks so that i would be eligible for campus placements. Finally i cracked that campus placements in an Indian Software Company and raised the eyebrows of all my friends who couldnt crack the campus placements.

Then i joined the company after completing the engineering and struggled to complete that training on Java on which i had no clue as i was from Electronics and Communication background. i worked for 2 years and found the development and testing boring and decided to pursue MBA. Finally after a lot of struggle was able to crack the MBA in one of the finest B-Schools of India. I cracked the prestigious Indian Institutes of Management in India to pursue my MBA.

After 2 years of hard work and toil, i then realised i had the best 2 years of my life and now i had to get back to the real ruthless real world. Its been 3 years since i joined back into corporate and not a day goes by when i think, my life was in the IIM campus and i missed a great opportunity to introspect and define what i actually wanted in life!

If i look back upon my life and ask myself what i have done, i only see myself running from pillar to post only to make a 2 page resume to be submitted for various corporate companies to hire me.

When i look back i only see that i have struggled all my life to only “SETTLE DOWN” in life rather than define what i wanted from life! Today i have decided to take control of my life so that i live the life very ordinarily but extraordinarily in everybody’s eyes.

i know everyone of you who is reading this blog would be feeling the same thing that you didn’t dare to take that one road which you had that inner calling.






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